ReConnect Retreat Portugal

12-15 November 2022

3 days & 3 nights 

Why should you join? 


You feel stressed, disconnected, less intuition, tired all the time, you are over worked, you want to dive in to meditation for the very first time or you just love to meditate. You need just a little break from your daily routine. You would like to reconnect to yourself? 


OmJain is guiding you to grow and transform old trapped emotions and old affirmations as to bring your mind, soul and body into balance with individual tools and techniques to release traumata & blockades to live in peace.



We work in small groups and all sharing are absolutely in free willings. 

All we share will stay in our circle and won’t leave our sharing field.



Yoga Elements
Pranayama Work
Barefoot walkings
Shamanic Drum Healing
Reiki Session 
(Kann optional gebucht werden) 
Chakra Check
Mind Exercise
Fire Ceremony
Ayurvedic Massage 
(Kann optional gebucht werden) 
Breakfast (Veggie)
BBQ Station & Garden
Heating system in the house
10 min walking distance to the beach


Preise Winter Season  

Oktober bis  März

Sommer Preise auf Anfrage 

588 -,EUR Retreat & Sharing room

688-, EUR Retreat & Single &Double room

40/80-, EUR Uber/Taxi (35min from the Airport, Porto




You will start to connect with your spirit, mind and body to cleanse your thoughts and grow. To meditate brings your whole body into an higher vibration and helps to let go of negative blockades. It helps to release body and mind from heaviness

 "It is more than a Mediation Session. It is an experience"

„To see the sparkles in the eyes of my clients after our Meditation Sessions or Healing Work is a present from heaven. This is my Dharma, my Path - the collective Healing“