OmJain - beauty inside -



Who am I?


My name is Angelina Jain, I was born in the 80´s and raised in Hamburg, Germany , till the begining of my twenties.

My mum was German and my dad is from Chandiarth, India.

Since I can remember , every Sunday we did energy work as a family, and played with magic.

My mum always supported me in my magical world since I was born – we meditated , we did dream travels, time travels, breathing techniques (Pranayamas), yoga and massages.  So for me it became absolutely normal to do these things and use these techniques in my daily life.



In January 2015 – I landed at the emergency room in Hamburg due to Pancreatic failure. I got ten surgeries in ten months. They put stents into my Pancreas and told me that I will need to change stents every month through surgeries to stay alive. My Doctor said that it might be a genetic defect, and he was surprised how I could live so long without having natural canals in my Pancreas, where the insulin and and other liquids are transported to other organs. He said its unbelievable that someone could live like that.


So in these ten month my whole life changed. No more traveling for work, not even able to work, had no power and energy to comb even my hair. When I was allowed to go home, my friends and my loved ones really took care of me.


After 10 years of working nonstop I had a complete halt to my life, and I felt that I was stuck in a real bad movie. During this time in the hopital, where I really had my downs, I had existential fear, I was self employeed, all my reserves where gone, and I had no idea when I would be back on track.

So in this state of fear, which was really dark, I started to remember...remember who I was , who I am, what did I learn every Sunday with my Mum before she left to the universe and lost the fight against cancer when I was 16 years old and my little brother only 11 years.


I started to feel and talk to my body, I meditated more and more like we did back in the days. I had grown up more with “alternative medicine“ , so I started to do my research more then ever, every cell in body did not accept that it will belong to my life, to have all these surgeries. And I found some decoding techniques which I still use in my life and to help others.


So one day I experienced a very intense shamanic healing meditation. I was able to create new beautiful canals into my pancreas, and there was a lot of more, I had to accept who I am, I had to remeber why I am here. It was an out of body experience. I knew I am healed. So right after I flew to the carribean islands for 7 weeks, where I did island hopping with one of my beautiful warrior sisters, who is in my life since we are 11 years old. We enjoyed a grateful time full of meditation and growing work together.


I was suppose to go back to the hospital, but I didnt, I knew I was good.

When I came back to Hamburg , I went to the hopital to take out the stents, because I knew, I dont need them anymore, my doctor did not want to belive me. After the surgery, upon waking, my doctor said that this was magic where my blood looked perfect, my pancreas looks perfect. I told him during the surgery under anesthetic what I had done as my meditation experience and healing. 


Some weeks later I wanted to thank him with flowers, he was gone, they told me he quit his job and moved to New Zealand to Study TCM – Magic-


I then traveled for some months to Goa, India to feel the Yogic and Vedic energy in the country where it comes from. I did my Teacher Yoga trainee with my beautiful Yogi Teacher Erica Jung. I went to an Ayurvedic Massage school to grow in my techniques.


Back in Europe I joined a Shamanic therapy house in Netherlands and worked there for two years as a  volunteer light worker. It is there that I expierenced different techniques of energy healing.

For people  who where very sick with different deseases, traumas and blockadges.

We were working with Reiki, Meditation, Pranayamas and Astraltravel. Each day it made me more and more grateful to see the changes in their souls, how released they were.

In between I studied two years Psych online.


After all my expirience in my life in show business and even in my healing work, I realized that most people I met in my life, were very insecure, they were trying to reach to become better, thinner, looking younger, becoming richer, getting the most likes and followers, it was more a competion with themselves  instead of being grateful for their beautiful life, bodies, faces, huge big houses, full bank accounts and their opportunities to travel to great places, many of them are still unhappy and lonely, although it seems like in the physical world, that they do have everything and are sorrounded by many people. But still....some thing is missing, I know I have been there.

Now I am in my inner peace...self love...gratitude...happiness and thats how I came to do Beauty Inside and Beauty Outside work.


"To see the sparkles in the eyes of my clients after our meditaion session or healing work is a present from heaven. This is my Dharma, my Path"




"I remember, in the begining of my 20´s I chose Los Angeles for my new home, I loved that lifestyle and energy in Venice Beach and Santa Monica. So one day was the first time a Shaman spoke to me, I was 21 Years old. It was one of the most impressing moments I had, she gave me a feather and told me this is my path. Of course in this time I did not really understand about what this old lady was talking about. I still have this eagle feather“