What if?

What is my path?

Who am I?

How can I reach my goals?

What do I want?

When can I live in Peace without hustling?

Why do I feel restless ?

Or is it just the midlife crises?


Do these questions sound familiar?


At some point in our lives we are questioning a lot, asking ourselves, what if? Is that all?

The same car race? We start to seek more meanings in life, for something deeper than the next material possession.

All that is happening, because of this new digital lifestyle, we are loosing ourselves and we are loosing the the value of mother nature. We are ingesting processed food, social media clutter, sugars, medias impressions and much more.

Our Intuition is getting less and less and we a re behaving like robots. That is why it is NOW more important to connect and root ourselves and all together.

OmJain is here to serve and guide you through your own individual awakening.

To have a free open minded conversation about our deep thoughts and experiences during our daily Life is very rare today.


It is very important to accept and release our daily emotions and feelings, no matter if positive or negative. To hide emotions is the biggest enemy agains all sicknesses and diseases.


When the balance is lost, it is necessary to root and ground. Although it is not that much easy in some situations in life. As we can see of the research numbers of "Burnout".


The "Inner Child" is playing a big role in our "Grown Up" period.


OmJain Works with tools and techniques to release traumata, hidden Emotional and blockade.


Selfreflection as Acceptance is the first Step to start the healing process.


Are You ready to work on your new better you?

Would you like to stop the spiral of your life, to grow and awake? 

Woman Circle Rituals

"I remember, in the begining of my 20´s I chose Los Angeles for my new home, I loved that lifestyle and energy in Venice Beach and Santa Monica. So one day was the first time a Shaman spoke to me, I was 21 Years old. It was one of the most impressing moments I had, she gave me a feather and told me:“This is your path“. At that time I did not really understand what this old lady was talking about. I still have this eagle feather“